Back at it..

Welp, after too long of a hiatus, I am going to try to log my thoughts again. I am not going to both migrating in the older content, as I don’t take this too seriously. My goal here is to just randomly scribble down whatever is occupying my mind.

Aside from that, I also plan to talk about:

  • headphones
  • music
  • hammock related topics
  • DIY gear
  • occasional work stuff
  • photography/video stuff
  • what is going on in my life (derp)

Bear with me as I continue to iron out a few random issues/tweaks and hopefully I can get some of this stuff out of my head and onto the screen.


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January 29, TEN hours of live music online! A wonderful assortment of performers. I play in the evening.

@JoyceWhiteVance What I don’t get it is that they claim they don’t want to be “forced,” but to have a “choice.” So he got a choice — putting it on would have been something he 100% did of his own volition. So not putting it on wasn’t some kind of anti-tyranny statement; it’s just that he’s an ass

BREAKING: Legal experts demand that prosecutors charge all 59 Republicans who tried to help Trump steal Biden’s win by submitting phony electoral college certificates because their “deplorable acts of subversion are criminal acts.” RT IF YOU THINK THAT ALL 59 BE MUST CHARGED!

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keeping me sane..

China Cat Sunflower / I Know You Rider - Live at Winterland San Francisco, CA, 10/20/74
Grateful Dead
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Julie London
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I Heard It Through The Grapevine - Edit
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